Leo first house astrology


  1. The First House Of Self, Appearance, And First Impression
  2. Mercury in Leo (in the Birth Chart)
  3. The 12 Houses of the Horoscope Wheel
  4. Views of Grandeur

Accordingly, it is associated with early education and basic learning. Fourth House Home Life and the Base of Operation The fourth house of the chart is your base of operation; in a material sense, your home, in a more spiritual sense, your soul. Psychological roots, including family or racial traditions, are among the affairs of this house.

It is associated with real estate and property, or your home and your security. This area shows effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others.


It deals with your romantic affairs, procreation, your offspring, and with artistic endeavors, hobbies, books written, etc. It deals with your aptitude toward speculation; how naturally lucky or unlucky you are. Subjects here revolve around work and health matters. Duties, practical responsibilities, and mundane tasks are affairs of this house, as are relations with employees and coworkers.

Your interest in health and fitness matters are likely to be shown here. This house, opposite the first matters of the self , relates to the other people with whom you enter close association.

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It is your social consciousness and cooperation, or the lack of it. Contracts, including the marriage, and other relationships, adversary encounters and law suits, are housed here. Partnerships in business and in life are seventh house matters. This house deals with possessions that are not earned by you, but obtained through relationships or inheritance. It also involves funds belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market.

The First House Of Self, Appearance, And First Impression

It addresses matters of generation, regeneration, research and investigation. The eighth house relates to interests in the mysteries of life. Matters of profound mental interest, including religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house affairs. Also associated with the ninth are journeys to far off places and searches for new horizons, both physically and mentally.

This field denotes how you present yourself to the public at large, and those deeds for which you'll be remembered. The tenth house concerns the profession, offices held, and, in a more mundane sense, your reputation. The house also relates to affairs of state or of other large scale operations. Sign of the cusp of the tenth house Eleventh House Friendships, Associations, Ideals and Causes The eleventh house is associated with the achievement of goals and objectives.

Mercury in Leo (in the Birth Chart)

Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations, and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here. People that help you, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house. Sign on cusp of 11th house Twelfth House The Subconscious, Psychological Issues, Secrets The twelfth house is the field of the subconscious mind, of problems stemming from unseen causes, and limitations.

This area relates to behind the scene maneuvering, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, and problem areas to overcome.

The 12 Houses of the Horoscope Wheel

Leo is one of the "fixed" zodiac signs , along with Scorpio , Aquarius, and Taurus. It is also a "fire" sign , along with Aries and Sagittarius.

Such personalities are said to combine stable, sometimes stubborn traits with fiery enthusiasm. Such personalities are often engaging speakers, prone to colorful language delivered with dramatic passion.

Views of Grandeur

They are typically confident and able to inspire others with heartfelt grand visions. Leos influence by Mercury may have trouble with details. They may have short attention spans and be perceived as arrogant, inflexible, egotistical, and unrealistic. When Mercury is expressed through the fire sign of Leo, the result is a personality aflame with passion. Often the Mercury Leo person commands attention and is a captivating speaker or performer. Whatever draws the attention of Mercury in Leo spontaneously becomes the focus of great concentration at that very moment.

While the focus lasts, such people can energize an idea and bring it to life through colorful language that inspires others, too. Such personalities prefer the dramatic to the mundane, which is why they can be riveting speakers. The Mercury Leo excels at public speaking, performance, and in knowing how to win the hearts of others by "painting a picture. Using humor and a sense of play softens the tendency to go over-the-top with a "me, me, me," ego-based style of communication. The Mercury Leo's warmth in social situations is contagious and makes it easy to make new friends.

When sparked by what's interesting about another person, the Mercury Leo has a gift for bringing out that potential. This makes them champions of the passions of others. When it is their own fire being stoked, imagination and energy are utterly captivated; but when such enthusiasm is not present, the Mercury Leo's effort may be half-hearted.

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