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It's sort of magical when I think back to that quiet morning when, on those deserted Dublin roads to Mount Carmel Hospital, when my incredible parents and me in utero, drove through the most exciting wakening of the year.

Party hard with our selection of guaranteed floorfillers

To be born on Christmas Day finally means something more than double presents to me. And the fact that all these year later I still celebrate the birthday a week before, when I go for dinner with my family and they still make a huge fuss over me, just makes it more and more special every year. I couldn't in good conscience discuss my Christmas birthday without saying that there was one person who didn't forget ever, and that was granny Maggie.

As soon as she would walk into our house on Christmas morning forever after my birth, it was never 'Merry Christmas', it was always: "Happy Birthday love! Love, love, love it. Everything about it. Christmas is deep in my soul, the tradition and the sentiment. Yes, I'm fond of an alcoholic beverage and a turkey stuffing sandwich, which, as my story proves, are all genetically linked! And no, I never got off homework on my birthday in school or got the bumps in the school yard nor did I ever see people outside my immediate family on my birthday, but that was more than OK.

That was all part of the special charm that is having your birthday on Christmas Day. Evie Kearney What better time to unveil a winter wonderland than the height of summer? Tanya Sweeney While Christmas Day is packed with calories, hi-jinks, booze-fuelled bonhomie and goodwill to all men, the day after can often be a bit more sombre.

Official Irish Singles Chart Top 50

Regina Lavelle It's the season of joy, and giving - to oneself. After the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future have rattled off, we're free to look at our wardrobes and our gadget cupboards and think, "Sod It's not Christmas Day, it's my birthday! Don't believe her? Here she sets out the case for a day of double delights… Caroline Grace-Cassidy who's birthday is on December December 25 AM. Go on, have another one. That's the thing with After Eights, they are nibbled in seconds.

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Them: "The 25th of December? You were born on Christmas Day? Hate that! What a nightmare for you and your poor mother!

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Them: "Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I forgot with all the merriment that it's also your birthday! Happy Birthday Caroline! Hey everyone, listen up, it's Caroline's birthday! Another chorus of Happy Birthday rings out and people fuss over me. Hitting the sales today?

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    The votes are in! Here are Ireland's top Camino de Santiago: 20 photos that will make you want to get your boots on Spain's Camino de Santiago is an epic hike with a heart. New York at Christmas: 20 images of an American winter wonderland New York is the greatest three-day town on earth. A look at Derg Lodge, Ballina, Co. Tipperary Delighted dogs feast on canine-friendly 'pupcakes' Dogs trust launched their third annual 'Pupcake Day' today, as they released this Inside Ireland's first sensory hotel bedroom for guests with autism The Radisson Blu Sligo has unveiled Ireland's first sensory A thousand-year-old egg, shredded jellyfish, and a Highclere Castle, which was In Ireland, there are 3, deaths a year from sepsis His marriage was crumbling in as he wrote what would become the opener on Blood on the Tracks and his most personal examination of hurt and nostalgia.

    His plaintive vocal and the fresh-air picking of the Minneapolis session players, organized by his brother, David Zimmerman, hearkened to an earlier pathos: the frank heartbreak and spiritual restoration in Appalachian balladry. Dylan has played this song many different ways live but rarely strays from the perfect crossroads of this recording, where emotional truths meet the everlasting comfort of the American folk song.

    The greatest protest song by the greatest protest songwriter of his time: a seven-minute epic that warns against a coming apocalypse while cataloging horrific visions — gun-toting children, a tree dripping blood — with the wide-eyed fervor of John the Revelator. But this rain was abstract rather than literal. Elvis had a sneer, of course.

    The verbal pugilism on display here cracks open songwriting for a generation and leaves the listener on the canvas. Here he bares his teeth at the hipsters, the vanity of that time, the idea that you had a better value system if you were wearing the right pair of boots. For some, the Sixties was a revolution. But there were others who were erecting a guillotine in Greenwich Village not for their political enemies, but rather for the squares.

    Bob was already turning on that idea, even as he best embodied it, with the corkscrew hair Jimi Hendrix would later admit to imitating. It must have been hard to be or be around Dylan then; that unblinking eye was turning on everybody and everything. But for all the tirading, the real mischief is in its ear-biting humor. The world was changed by a cranky voice, a romantic spirit, somebody who cared enough about an unrequited love to write such a devastatingly caustic put-down. I love to hear a song that changes everything.

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    The Irish Charts - All there is to know

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