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Overview means better luck, especially in interpersonal relationship and career, for you Ox people of as you will usher in a happier phase in love and get more care from both your partner and children. The booming career and great popularity will bring you very considerable incomes.

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As for health, you may suffer from insomnia occasionally and no serious problems, so take it easy. Wealth Whether you're a wage earner or an entrepreneur, you will have better luck for wealth and gain more from your efforts.

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The better interpersonal relationship will benefit you Oxen in business to intensify the promotion and improve the services for better customer satisfaction and more regular customers, from which you will earn more money. A conservative attitude will be the right choice for you to accumulate money and do not invest in the risky projects, or you will suffer losses from unfamiliarity or greed.

You female Oxen of are not suggested to buy unnecessary skin care products as you will more likely choose the unsuitable items. Career The luck for career will be quite good for you Ox people born in For wage-earners, you will act in harmony with colleagues or team members and cooperate well in work. You can use your skills and proficiency to expand business this year, or take training courses and improve your skills in spare time.

1973 Ox 12222 & 2020 Chinese Horoscope

For entrepreneurs, the excellent contacts will bring you more big projects but don't get too cocky or squabble with others - a humble and open attitude will be more conducive to your company's future development. Love Relationship In the year, you Oxen will have slightly better luck for love relationship, especially you male Oxen, and you will further improve the relationship more easily. For females, you need to take the initiative to strive for chances, or you will find the slow, even no progress in love relationship.

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  7. It's not going to be a good time to make any decision about love, however, you're likely to feel some type of disillusionment or regret about your current romantic scenario. Remember, this isn't the time to decide that the grass is always greener somewhere else.

    It just might be your lesson to remember that the grass is green where you choose to water it. Fortunately, if you remember that Venus Retrograde is meant to bring you to next-level awareness about your love life, you'll get to the other side of the lesson and eventually find clarity.

    Tarot Reading at Montauk Salt Cave West - 25 JAN

    In other news, the way you use your sexual energy may require a revision in Mars will retrograde in his sign of rulership, Aries, from September 9 - November The Years of the Rat are: , , , , , , , , , , The situation, from this point of view, is different from last year when in February there has been no Full Moon, and in January and March, this phenomenon happened twice — an event known as the Blue Moon. You are already waiting for your free time from work and the long hot days or are you afraid of the heat? You will feel more prepared for the most appreciated season of the year, once you will know what will happen then!

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    Have some fun discovering how your summer is going to be depending on your sign! This is the house of love, associated with the bodily and spiritual passions, fertility, children, life partners, lovers, sentimental relationships, and the capacity to love in general. The house refers to your origins, and the scope and purpose of life, family, feelings, and emotions; maternity, sadness, and nostalgias also belong to this house.